Cathy Clarke

Ever since I was a child I always felt moved and frustrated by injustice and poverty. Now I’m an adult nothing has changed except that I have the capacity and ability to influence others to do something. I’m not deterred by the enormity of the problem, although it can appear insurmountable, but am very aware that every statistic has a name and every name has a face and if I choose to do something for one then it’s making a difference.

I feel another vital step to this great mission is to then help people to become self sustaining. With education and training people are being empowered to go beyond dependency and hand outs to having the dignity of supporting themselves and their families.

If I can do something and encourage others to do the same then together we can make a significant difference. I believe that Born To Be Beautiful is a perfect conduit for connecting those with similar desires to those in greatest need and enabling them to step up out of poverty.


David Ryland

By profession I am an advertising man. For many years I was a copywriter and Board Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather London. Working on accounts as different as Marmite and British Airways, Comfort and Ford, Sunday Times and the Woolwich Building Society. After leaving London I created  charity campaigns for the International Red Cross, Age Concern, Mind and Refugee Action. I have been a trustee of the Ambache, the Mercury Theatre Colchester and was on the committee of the Suffolk Book League.

Born to be Beautiful attracted my interest because it is such a “hands-on ” charity. The team goes directly to places they can help and works with local people to provide training and support. This provides the opportunity to build careers, businesses and new lives. Born to Be Beautiful works with maximum economy and efficiency to achieve its aims and I am proud to be associated with it.

Charlotte Ryland

I first became involved with Born to be Beautiful in 2012 when looking for some local volunteer work. For me the charity stood out for its very clear and practical vision of how to transform lives. While women in the UK today have considerable freedom and opportunity, I am very aware that for millions in the rest of the world this is not the case. With a background in investment I was also interested in the power of education to provide people with the means to develop their own businesses and build a sustainable income for themselves and their families. Now as a trustee, I’m looking forward to helping Born to be Beautiful expand its valuable work in India and beyond.

Sarah Glover

Charity has always been close to my heart and even as a child I used to save up my pocket money and send it to Africa.  Born to be Beautiful is a simple idea, we aim to keep it simple and that way gently and professionally help someone across the globe who has no hope to realise they are valuable, they can do something and with a little help they can support themselves in a self respecting manner and then support those they love too.  I can think of nothing better to do with my time than to help those who cannot help themselves.  

‘Surely this is the least I can do!’