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For every one woman in the world who has the right to vote, education, health care, work, and personal freedom, there are four women who have no rights whatsoever.  We firmly believe that, with our rights and endless opportunities, comes a chance to help others.  We cannot all lobby parliament or work in government to change laws, but we can all do something.  It can be big or small, but every one of us can reach out a hand and help someone find their voice and achieve personal freedom.
At Born to be Beautiful, we teach beauty therapy skills to those caught in the trap of poverty, whether this is caused by sickness, war, human trafficking, or prostitution.  These people have no access to education unless someone helps them.  We work with a local partner charity to give our students professional training, and then we help the students get work or set up their own businesses.

We are just a part in the puzzle of life, doing what we can to try and alleviate the suffering of one other person on our planet. Join us today and see what a difference your life can make!




Born to be Beautiful - full colour logo -CLEANEDThe meaning behind the Born to be Beautiful logo has its own story.

Our butterfly represents the delicacy and the fragility of life, reminding us of the individual beauty each person is born with, and telling of the inward journey we all make.

The barbed wire stands for the way the claw of poverty entraps and destroys people.  Some of our students have been trafficked, sold as a slave, captured and forced to become a child soldier, raped as a act of war and infected with HIV is what some of our students have been through.

Imagine a beautiful butterfly caught on a piece of barbed wire.  The barbs would tear into the fragile Lepidoptera layers that make up its wings.  The logo gives us a disturbing image, contrasting fragile beauty and delicacy with the brutal harshness found in life.

Each colour of our logo represents various parts of our personality.

Blue:  is the colour of truth.  It suggest loyalty, integrity, and responsibility. It is sincere, reserved and peaceful

Pink:  is unconventional, romantic, compassionate, understanding and nurturing.  It stands for sweetness and innocence, it is feminine and intuitive.

Grey:  is impartial, neither black or white, it takes the middle ground and has a steadying effect on other colours around it.  Grey creates a sense of calm and composure and relief from the chaotic world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to have self-sustaining beauty salons and training schools in India and Africa, where students who are usually excluded from education because of their race, gender, birth place, class, family or health can come and learn a life-long skill. The building will be comprised of two elements, one side will be a fully functioning beauty salon business, creating commerce and generating funds for the continuation of the school in the long term and jobs for local people. The other side will be the training school.

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Raising funds will change someones life forever!
Have you ever realised you have life changing power residing in your hands, at this moment?

Our charity is built on volunteers, and you can make a life long difference for someone who has nothing

Taking time out of your daily life to come with us to India or Africa will not only totally change your life and make you happier but is a life line for one of our students. Build life long friendships and feel you have done your part in the world. Come with us you will never regret it!


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