Build with us

Our Partners

We always work with established local charities.  They know the problems facing the community, and help to find our applicants.  Our partners ensure the students are ready to complete one of our courses and will be there helping our students to realise their dreams of having work and providing for their families.

Our Partners are

1. Afrinspire in Cambridge/Uganda

2. Watoto in Uganda

3. Vision Rescue in India


Build with us


When we consider that it is estimated that 27 million people worldwide are currently living in slavery, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  But everyone has an important part to play in changing the world. Just as in making a jigsaw, every single piece is vital;  whether you are bright and patterned or plain, a corner, an edge or a middle piece.  Everyone is needed, everyone of you is vital!  It is not going to take the ones and twos of us but the majority to act upon their own dreams and visions, to come alongside and to bring to the table their individual gifts and set them amongst us, to change the status quo and say no to this brutality.
Our founder, Sarah Glover has a background in beauty therapy, a profession not usually known for our particular academic brilliance or business acumen!  We believe everyone has a crucial part to play in the solution for victims of human trafficking, and unbearable trauma. We also know that each of you has an important part to play. You probably know that charities do not only need your money, we need you to go onto Facebook and ‘Iike us’. We need you to sign up to Give as You Live or, downloadable shopping apps which connect to online shops such as John Lewis, Tesco and Amazon who will then donate to us on your behalf.  We need you to hold fundraisers, to raise essential money, we need you to spread the word about what we do and help us build a training school.
The students we will welcome into those classrooms are victims of unimaginable hardship and savage physical and emotional violence.  We need you to help us give them an education, so they can turn their lives around.  In the UK we take our brilliant education and dedicated teachers for granted  – a gift that the students we work with feel is a completely unattainable dream.  Help us make a difference.  We need you.


Bring what you have to the table and join us

We all know that to build a house you must first build the foundations.  Since 2010 we have been building the foundations of this project, we have taken our time to think, asked those who have gone before us and well, and experimented to see if what we do works and if what we are offering is needed.  We have invited our friends and companies to join us and they too have seen the vision and decided to come alongside and help where they can. We are not in a rush, but are not hanging back either, we believe now is the time to build… Will You Join Us?